Events Overview

You can use events and callbacks to receive real-time notifications about actions that happen in the R2 Platform, allowing you to build automation that is triggered by a specific event in your lending flow, such as A new financing has been created, or A financing has been just paid, and so on.


You must implement a duplication validation process. We are responsible for sending these messages, you are responsible for avoiding duplications.

What are R2 events

R2 Events, or webhooks, are messages about an event that are sent via POST request from R2's servers to a user-defined callback URL. They allow R2 to automatically send real-time event data to your app when triggered by an event (like a financing just created). You can think of webhooks as push notifications for servers.

How R2 events are sent

R2 Events are sent as POST HTTP requests from R2’s server to a Third Party Server.

Events and callbacks workflow

Events and callbacks workflow

Event names

Here is a list of webhook events that can be sent to your callback URL:

Each event is configured into R2 platform regarding the integration process established with the partner.

Event typeDescriptionAttached API Object
financing_createdA new financing has just been created on R2’s platformFinancingEvent
financing_pausedCharges over this financing are not being made, this can be due to multiple reasons depending on the country and the regulatory lawsFinancingEvent
financing_resumedCharges over this financing are being collected normallyFinancingEvent
financing_paidThe financing has been paidFinancingEvent
*financing_activeIf the financing was paid and we need to re-activate it.FinancingEvent
*financing_canceledIn certain specific occasions, we need to cancel the financingFinancingEvent
direct_payment_createdA new direct payment was made and it was informed to R2's teamCollectionEvent
*collection_createdA new collection was created on R2's platformCollectionEvent
*collection_rejectedA collections was not created on R2's platformCollectionEvent
collection_returnedIn case we need to refund a total or partial amount of a related collection.CollectionEvent
*retention_createdThis is used when our partner needs to total amount of collections created for an specific period.RetentionEvent

(*) events not deployed into production.